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Managed Service Organization and Value Based Care Performance. CMS. Doctor showing a woman information on an iPad. Value-Based Care Performance.

Our Services

Transforming how health care is provided

Alyt provides a full spectrum of services and resources to succeed in value-based care and manage a practice. Our aim is to transform how health care is delivered, allowing providers to get back to practicing medicine and improving the health of patients through consumer-centric, value-based care. This includes a sustainable structure, technical platform, compensation plan and cost-friendly solutions for physicians and patients. Through collaboration, we can maximize and innovate healthcare delivery for everyone.

Value-Based Care Services

Leading the way in the move to value and empowering health care providers to make the transition to value-based care.

Practice Growth and Transformation

With focus on provider wellness and care for all, Alyt Health brings physicians a turn-key solution for all their value-based care needs allowing the focus to be on the patient. Physicians can know their patients, staff, and they are supported by a team committed to their success.

Lowering Medical Costs and Improving Patient Outcomes icon

Lowering Medical Costs and Improving Patient Outcomes

Improving efficiencies and effectiveness, enabling larger provider panels by engaging practice team members and advanced practice providers. Reducing disease burden by engaging patients in their own care, improving patients physical and mental health, and optimizing code capture to drive revenue through closing gaps in care.

Increase Care Team Satisfaction and Job Satisfaction icon

Increase Care Team Satisfaction and Job Satisfaction

Fostering leadership and teamwork by developing a culture of continuous improvement and enabling team members to work at the top of their licensure.

Patient Experience icon

Patient Experience

Enhancing patient access to care and delivering consumer-centric service to improve engagement and better meet the needs of the patient, caregivers, and care team by creating an environment patients can trust.

Engagement and Education icon

Engagement and Education

Developing leaders among physicians, encouraging entrepreneurship, and inspiring providers to be the driving force in the practice, system, and community. Creating an engagement and collaboration network across the organization to provide education, support, and accountability.

Quality and Accountability Infrastructure icon

Quality and Accountability Infrastructure

Implementing a physician-led quality infrastructure that provides oversight at the organizational level, allowing leadership to continually drive performance, determine incentives and decision-making responsibilities, and implement advanced, collaborative models of care.

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