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Alyt is dedicated to providing relevant information about the most recent developments in the ever-changing world of value-based healthcare.

Moral Injury: Can Value-based Care Help?

Moral injury, often comes from the unrelenting experience of recognizing complex problems and having limited resources and time to help address root causes of disease.

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Why I Practice Value-based Care in a Rural Health Community

A rural community provides unique challenges in the medical care of patients, and it is uniquely suited for a value-based care model.

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What is Interoperability?

When properly designed, interoperability can drive coordinated, collaborative efforts between providers, health systems, payors, and community resources.

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What is the Difference Between Health Equity, Disparities, and Inequities?

Health equity, health disparities, and health inequities have become familiar terms in healthcare, but their intertwinement often causes confusion.

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